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Ogaki of Gifu prefecture proudly has 80% of "Masu" (square shaped measuring box) production in Japan.

Ogaki, the city, is a gifted place for acquiring natural Hinoki in good quality since it is located near regions like Kiso, Tono, etc, which are the finite origins of Hinoki (Japanese cypress tree).

Therefore, it is understandable that the place has high production of Masu.

However, considering over thousand years of history of Masu usage in Japan, the connection of current Ogaki city and all other Masu that were discovered nationwide, and Kyo-Masu (Kyoto's Masu), Edo-Masu (Edo's Masu), etc, has not yet clarified and remains in mystery.

Actually, the fact that one Masu craftsman from Nagoya, which was the huge distribution are of Hinoki from Kiso region, came to Ogaki and started Masu production back in Meiji era, is said to be the start of Ogaki's Masu production.

As of now, there are 4 Masu manufacturers in Ogaki, and they are all remote relatives.
Ogaki's annual delivery amount of Masu counts up to about two million units.

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