Zoom Black Sesame Paste with Honey 125g Jar
Zoom Black Sesame Paste with Honey 125g Jar

Black Sesame Paste with Honey 125g Jar


Due to sales rights issue, this product can not be sold to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

This product has an elegant sweet taste generated from brown sugar, honey, and original black sesame refinement.

It is made with additive-free method which makes the body intake of its nutrients efficient.

Since the old days, sesame is known as "a food for health and longevity" and is liked by many people.

Recommended to eat by spreading it on bread like a butter in order to naturally intake "sesamin" - the active ingredient of sesame.

Other than bread, it is also recommended to eat as toppings of yogurt and vanilla ice cream.

This product has many repeating customers.

1 case: 48 units
Minimum order quantity: 5 cases


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