Zoom BAHAS Face Clear Pack
Zoom BAHAS Face Clear Pack
Zoom BAHAS Face Clear Pack

BAHAS Face Clear Pack


This product, that uses Bakuhan stone powder which contains uniqueness of "absorption, mineral melting, water quality adjustment, supplying oxygen in water, decomposing, etc" known as a strange power of Bakuhan stone, resurrects skin with the power of nature.
By taking out old cuticles and dusts in pores, it leads to a clear skin by the effect of minerals of Bakuhan stone.
Clear pack allows easy facial masking and cleansing, which lessens the dullness of skin caused by aging, and by using it continuously, makes you actually feel the beautiful skin and skin whitening.
Also, by using power of lycopene extracted from tomatoes that were raised using Bakuhan stone farming method, it has a effect of suppressing redness, stiffness, and production of melanin.

1 case: 50units
Minimum order quantity: 1 case

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