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Zoom Kamenoyo Ginjo

Kamenoyo Ginjo


Renewed label and bottle!

Sharp tasted Ginjoshu (type of sake) brewed with Miyamanishiki rice made in Nagano prefecture.
Has a smooth drinking texture due to its dry tight taste.
It generates scent that is fruity and subtle than Daiginjo, when you place your face closer.
Once in your mouth, it generates invigorating dryness which is opposite from its sweet scent, and will not interfere with snacks and dishes.
Can be served both in cold or warm temperature and is perfect for every day dinner drink.

Country of Origin: Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Rice Polishing Rate: 59%
Ingredients: Rice, Malted Rice, Brewed Alcohol
Sake Rice: Miyama Nishiki made in Hyogo Prefecture

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