Zoom Alps Masamune Daiginjo Drip Sake in Paulownia Box

Alps Masamune Daiginjo Drip Sake in Paulownia Box


Collected pouring drops by having unrefined sake in a bag hanged without pressurizing it when gushing.
Contains plumpness and richness in taste which is a unique feature of drop sake.
Bottled by bottle burning method which does not release the scent.
Its scent, deepness in taste, drink texture, are all excellent.
This is a treasure fine piece.
Special sake that cannot be found anywhere else.
Comes with Paulownia box which is perfect for gifts.

Country of Origin: Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Rice Polishing Rate: 39%
Ingredients: Rice, Malted Rice
Sake Rice: Yamada Nishiki made in Hyogo Prefecture

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