Zoom Alps Masamune Fu-Ketsu Preserved Junmaishu
Zoom Alps Masamune Fu-Ketsu Preserved Junmaishu

Alps Masamune Fu-Ketsu Preserved Junmaishu


Renewed Label and Bottle!

Sake that went through a steady aging process for half a year in the natural refrigerator "Fu-Ketsu (wind tunnel)" which keeps the temperature below 8℃ even during mid-summer.
Although it tastes thick and dry at the point of gushing, it changes to smooth taste after going through enough aging.
Enjoy the special smooth and delicate taste that is generated by taking in the gift from the nature.

Our company preserves sake in the "Fu-Ketsu " during summer since 2007.
Although the same mechanism of "Fu-Ketsu " is contained in "Tomioka Seishi Jo" and "Kinu Sangyou Isan Gun" both of which are registered as the world heritage in 2014,
the use of "Fu-Ketsu " in Shinshu Azumi district has older history, and it is said to be lasting since Edo era.

Recieved Gold in "The Fine SAKE Award, Japan 2016".

Country of Origin: Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Rice Polishing Rate: 70%
Ingredients: Rice, Malted Rice
Sake Rice: Nagano Prefecture Rice 100%

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