Zoom Minoshirakawacha "Kikusen" 100g
Zoom Minoshirakawacha "Kikusen" 100g
Zoom Minoshirakawacha "Kikusen" 100g

Minoshirakawacha "Kikusen" 100g


Sencha (roasted green tea) made in Minoshirakawa, Gifu.
Recommended for serving at home.
Easy to drink since it has a minimal bitterness even when use high temperature hot water.

How to make delicious tea:
1. Put the tea leaves in the teapot.
The amount of tea should be about 10g for 5 people. (About 2 cups of tablespoons)
2. Pour hot water from the pot into the teapot.
The temperature of hot water should be 80-90 C(176-194 F)
3. Wait for about 40 seconds.
4. Turn it around and squeeze out the hot water.
Let's go back and forth 3 to 4 times so that the shade of tea and the amount of hot water are the same. To make the second roast delicious, squeeze it firmly so that no hot water remains in the teapot.

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