Zoom FLOWERiUM®︎Eternal Rose
Zoom FLOWERiUM®︎Eternal Rose
Zoom FLOWERiUM®︎Eternal Rose

FLOWERiUM®︎Eternal Rose


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A romantic rose gift that everyone longs for once
Rich line recommended for those who want to give an exceptionally high quality flower gift as a special gift for Christmas and anniversaries
A fascinating, high-class design that makes it feel like a rose is floating in the water, creating a precious moment.

・Bottle type: Eternal Rose
・Color: red
・Size : Φ40mm, H220mm

[Put your thoughts on the rose flower language]
If you entrust your thoughts to different flower words for each color
For a higher-grade gift
▪ Red rose flower language ▪ "I love you" "Love" ... as a gift for your loved ones

[Velvet-like luxury bottle cap]
By the processing method of flocking special fibers
Produces a soft and calm texture
Make the five roses stand out like a work of art
It is a luxurious design with an unprecedented sense of luxury

[Gift box for high-quality gift scenes]
Like a flowerium that doesn't have two of the same thing
You can enjoy the texture of the material in the gift box
Uses chip ball material
The moment you open the box, a gorgeous rose appears
Produce a senseful gift scene

Ingredients, additives
Real flowers / plants
Preservative solution

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