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Zoom Chocolate Diet Coffee_Vanilla
Zoom Chocolate Diet Coffee_Vanilla

Chocolate Diet Coffee_Vanilla


Approximately $8.4 per bag (15pcs).

※The above price will change depending on the exchange rate.

For bulk purchases, please contact us as the price will be different.

Enjoy Coffee break and suppress sugar and fat absorption.
Add Chocolate and Vanilla flavor for a person having a sweet tooth.
Blended with Diet ingredients "Gymnema Sylvestre", "Mulberry leaf", "Tochu" and "Roasted greent tea" for Fermented coffee.
Coffee works on sugar and fat by caffeine and chlorogenic acid which is a part of polyphenol.
Gymnema and Mulberry leaves suppress absorption of sugar and good for Diet and High-blood sugar level.
Stevia is natural sweetner, good for who watching the calories.
※Fermented Coffee (less caffeine)
※Chocolate and Vailla flavor satisfy for the person who have a sweet tooth
※Drip coffee bag for extract diet ingredients well

Coffee (Brazil), Gymnema sylvestre, Stevia/ Chocolate Flavor, Vanilla Flavor

1 bag:  8g*15pcs
The first time minimum order quantity: 100 bags
Second and subsequent minimum order quantity: 300 bags

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