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"[GZ-08 New Antivirus Spray] Contents 50ml
* Particles made by crushing a metal with the same bactericidal power as silver and copper to one billionth.
* GZ-08 is a safe food additive used in cosmetics, supplements, and baby food.
* The rate of decrease in the infectious titer of GZ-08 is 99.99999867%. (National Institute of Animal Health)

If you spray it on a handmade mask or a commercially available mask, the effect of the antibacterial mask will last all day.
The size of the virus is 50 to 90 meters per billion, which can only be seen with an electron microscope, so use a mask.
It is almost impossible to prevent the invasion of viruses.
The droplet saliva stopped by the mask dries, and the remaining virus instantly passes through the nose and infects the lungs.
GZ-08 kills the virus that stays on the outside of the mask. "

Acidulants, metal ions

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