Zoom 7KG Diet tea
Zoom 7KG Diet tea
Zoom 7KG Diet tea
Zoom 7KG Diet tea

7KG Diet tea


Approximately $13.2 per case (30bags).

※The above price will change depending on the exchange rate.

For bulk purchases, please contact us as the price will be different.

Gymnema: is a leaf of Asclepiadaceous grown in India. It has very bitter taste and used to help body slimming because it controls sugar absorption.
Gymnema is called “Grumar” (destroying sugar) because once you bite leaves of gymnema, you feel no taste of sweetness even you eat anything contained sugar. In Ayurveda, this Gymnema has been used for many years. This tea helps suppressing absorption of sugar and fat, therefore, good for beauty and detox.
No artificial coloring. No food additive.

Gymnema Sysvestre (India), Oolong (China), Job's tears (Thailand), Tochu (China), Pu'er (China), Green tea (China), Dokudami (China), Salacia (India) and Yacon (Japan)

1 case:  3g*30bags
Minimum order quantity: 20 cases

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